We strive to operate our University in adherence to our education philosophy of “To educate the people, with boundless love, in a student-oriented manner, to foster virtues and cultivate talents”.Under our education ideology of “People-oriented, governing the school by law, focusing on quality and development of inner qualities”, we aim to realise our education mission of “To develop the University to the satisfaction of the people”. We actively engage in talent training, academic researches, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation activities, and focus on cultivating students’ innovation skill, practical ability, entrepreneurial skills and abilities to secure employment, with a view to providing students with diversified growth paths. 

As a leading foreign language higher education institution offering Southeast Asian language education in China, we have adopted the school motto of“Chinese-souled, International-minded”,and we are committed to fostering applied talents with patriotic sentiments and international perspective and taking the initiative to serve national strategies and regional socio-economic developments under our service-oriented positioning of“Established in Guangxi, Oriented towards the entire China, Radiate to the Southeast Asia.